340B ACTS Awards: Affecting Communities Through Service

The goal of 340B National ACTS awards is to recognize Covered Entities that are doing more than necessary for their communities using 340B savings. Many times, these ACTS of kindness and service go unnoticed. The 340B ACTS award calls attention to the positive impact the 340B program has on communities and the effort that Covered Entities undertake to make the world around them better.

Why you should apply for a 340B ACTS award:

• Free national recognition for making a difference
• Simple one-time application
• 340B ACTS award badge you can use on your website or marketing materials

Apply for a National 340B ACTS Award today

Complete the short form below and we’ll consider your organization for a National 340B ACTS Award. Simply share with us how your organization is making a positive impact in your community. The more you share the better.

Award dates will be announced in the future and we will reach out to you with further information at that time.